Atif is an advanced theoretical tool for inhomogeneous fluids. Atif can be used to study a variety of complex fluid structures and thermodynamic properties near dielectric interfaces (allow dielectric constant discontinuity) and in confined spaces.

    1. hard sphere fluids with size symmetry/asymmetry
    2. electrolytes including size symmetry/asymmetry and monovalent/multivalent ions
    3. flexible and semiflexible uncharged/charged polymers (polyelectrolytes)
    4. block uncharged/charged polymers and sequential uncharged/charged polymers

Currently, this theoretical tool is only for open systems (Grand-canonical ensemble). Howerver, it is very easy to make use of this tool to study issues in a closed system (canonical ensemble) with little changes (please directly contact the developer if necessary). In addition, this current version can be only used to study the inhomogeneous properties near a planar surface or confined by planar surfaces.

In the future, we would also like to involve spherical and cylindrical interfaces.